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How to work in a job you hate, but need


How To Work In A Job You Hate, But Need…

When you hate your job, there is no way you can sugar coat it! 

Everything about going into work, gets you frustrated and discouraged. We spend about 40 hours a week working in our careers, and over 60% of the 365 days in the year.

Imagine spending 40 hours a week, and over 60% of your year doing something, that is emotionally draining, and mentally exhausting. 

You know your potential and you know that you could do more. And that makes it even harder to stay there and do what you are doing. But… you need the money…. or the benefits or …. [insert whatever else you need].While some may disagree, but having a job is a choice!

…Easier said than done… but you don’t have to stay where you don’t want to be.

When you are not happy it’s because you are thinking of all the consequences of staying in the job.

The consequences are the reasons you are and stay stuck. The impact to your lifestyle, your quality of life, your reputation and your confidence are just some of the reasons that cause you to stay stuck.

You: I have to go, because [insert reasons]

You: … I don’t like it, but [insert reasons]

You: …I have no choice, because [insert reasons]

A lot of us walk around as victims in our own careers, chained to our lifestyles, and wearing the golden handcuffs.

But ask yourself the question… do you really have to work in that exact job, in that office, in that location, to make the same amount, or do what you do right now? Is it the only way? … let it sink in

… is it really the only way? When is the last time you took inventory of your life and made a change in your career? Not just applying to roles because your resume has a specific skills/experience because you have been doing this since university, but actually designing where you want your career to go? You’re probably thinking, "I do a job review each year…."

Don’t mistake this question for the performance/learning plans you do within your organization that in most cases is based on your current role.

If you are feeling caught up in the cycle, it’s because you are not clear on what you want for your future, or you want to go from 0 to 100 from where you are without a true plan. Narrow down what you hate about your job. Write down the reasons that make it hard for you to stay motivated or happy. And ask yourself, why is it a problem? And what you can do to change it? De-personalize the politics.

Put things into perspective, focus on your “why” you are working there. Is working there really the only way? Having a job is a choice! You don’t have to stay where you don’t want to be. Ask yourself, is the world going to end because I leave this job? If no, then what will change/end when you leave this job? Write them down. The consequences are the reasons we stay stuck.

Change the way you define yourself and your job. Stop being a victim by saying, “you have to”. Expand your thinking and really look the options that are available to you working in the job. Find a way to make the best of it. Create a list of the positives - is it meeting new people, learning new skills, or even extra massage benefits that you get?

Focus on your achievable personal goals. When you are in a negative space you are less likely to grow and look for opportunities. Find a distraction and take breaks to reconnect. Learn how to outgrow the current space that you are in and focus on how you can add more value. “Show up” to work. Your reputation, and value-add in the job is tied to the quality of work you do.

Focus on the value you provide. Why? Because there is a reason why you have the job in the first place. Who/What are you providing a service to? What happens to them if you don’t do what you do?

Create a plan to get out. Don’t stay in a job you hate. Make everyday of the week, a day, to work on something that gets you to your goals. Focus on doing the steps to get to your personal goals. If you need the money, sometimes baby steps are not optional, they are necessary. Be intentional.

Leave or Change your mindset!

Sounds simple, but making the tough decision isn’t always as easy as it looks on paper. Once you know Stop asking the question, “why am I still here?” and being frustrated. Your career is a part of your life and being unfulfilled impacts not just how you show up at work, but in your overall life and your outlook.

Don’t spend 40 hours a week working in a career you hate, challenge yourself to change your mindset, or change your situation or even better do both.


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