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Not fulfilled? How to level up and not look back


Not fulfilled? How to level up and not look back

Do you want to be a better leader? Whether you’re managing a small team or an entire department, ongoing development is key to being an effective leader. If you have been struggling to level up, here are three some tips that can help.


1. Get multiple mentors and hone your leadership skills

This first one seems like a no brainer, but many new managers hesitate to ask for help. A key part of leveling up is learning from others’ experiences. Mentors come in many shapes and sizes. Find mentors that have various strengths to give you a rounded view of the role, the organization, and skills that would help you grow. You may have a mentor that is great with building culture, another that is great with influencing up, and one that is good at keeping the bottom line. Each offer different perspectives – take advantage of that.

2. Get your hands dirty and Inspire Others


An unlikely thing to do, but a lot of us learn by practical application. In your role, your key responsibility is inspiring others to perform and exceed expectations. However managing and leading people can be challenging. Many variations of personalities, competing interests and motivators. For this, you want to motivate your team to be better versions of themselves. Find ways to make your employees feel valued. Learn about your team, what they enjoy, what they’re values are, what inspires them, their motivators.

3. Develop a growth mindset

Leveling up is all about internal and external growth. This fundamentally create your thoughts and actions. See effort as a path to continuous growth and learning. “Be Someone People Can Follow.” Lead by example, and with empathy with a fail fast culture. Communicate often and create the space for learning. One of the most challenging things in personal development is objectively looking at failure as an opportunity, and weakness as an opportunity to grow or build relationships.

If you are not fulfilled… Pause and carefully assess your leadership approach, style, and strengths. Where do you want to be as a leader? Where are you now? How can you bridge the gap and level up to realize your leadership vision?



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