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Hi there!

 I'm Shauna, CEO and Founder of Koncave Inc.

Our story began in Ontario, Canada. I founded this company because we know why most businesses don’t get to the next level and we want to change that.

My partner, Vlad and I, wanted to pick our own adventure, build a legacy for our family, and have more options over where we spend our time. If you could describe both of us in one word – which never happens – it would be “passionate!”

We wanted to take all our experiences and work with small business owners who have a big dream like we do and help them get to their goals. Spammy, Inauthentic stuff is not what we do! We value the people we work with, because we know that you, just like us, are building your business for the same reasons we are - to help others.

From our professional lives we bring the yin to the yang – I bring the business strategy, operations & marketing and Vlad brings the systems. What we know is that vision needs action - not just tactics - but the right strategy and actions to get to the goal!

 Why Work With Us

We don’t just work together - We get to know you,
your customers, and your business.

Running a business is hard, but it doesn't have to be complicated, or overwhelming. And before you think - you've heard this before - because you have. It's the truth. Just like you, I've spent tons of money on programs, coaches, systems, templates - you name it!

But what I found is, it doesn't solve the problem, maybe parts of it, but doesn't quite build the foundation.
I had thrown out my corporate experience chasing the online "frameworks" that were mostly all about marketing and sales.
What I realized was what I learnt throughout my corporate experience was about building on the fundamentals but customizing the solution to you!

And that's why we packaged our 20+ years of collective experience in Back-office operations, IT, Project + Launch management, Online business management and Executive Coaching.

We take our experiences, proven and tried methodologies from multi- billion-dollar corporations and bring tactical and practical know-hows to help you create scalable offer, define your unique positioning, streamline, and grow your business.

We treat your business as we would our own. Lots of attention, and tough love when it’s needed, to get you the results you want in your business.
What you want is to run your business, get results, build the lifestyle you want, and make money while you're doing it.

And what is missing is "how the heck do you do it without losing your mind or sacrificing what you started the business for in the first place."

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