Tired of playing the volume game?
Want to get off the "launch" hamster wheel?

What got you here won’t get you there!

Believe me ... I know - bought the book and the t-shirt. You want to slow down but can’t... because you are overwhelmed with doing everything – and don’t want to lose momentum, or any of your clients.

And to top it off ...

You are making money but it feels like a never-ending cycle -> A 12-hour job without benefits and more responsibilities that you OWN!

Trust me... I get it!

But if you are like me...
you really want is... 

  • Time to work on the things you love
  • Time to free up your schedule to make meaningful connections with your clients
  • In the way you want to!

What I learnt is you can't build YOUR business off SOMEONE ELSE's VISION of yours.

  • You are not just trading time for dollars, you want to build a legacy!
  • You started your business to get the freedom to live on your own terms, and this isn’t it!
  • You want to make money helping others get results and transformations that you know your program can give.
  • You don’t want to be stuck around your computer doing the next thing!
  • You don’t want to be stuck in the “grind” trying to sell the next thing
  • You don't want to feel the short-lived happiness, after each launch when you realize now your calendar is going to be filled with client work!

So here's the thing... There isn't a right way to scale your business, just YOURS!

About Me

Hi! I'm Shauna

When I got started I failed fast and painfully.
In hindsight, everything was an opportunity but it definitely didn't feel that way! I burnt out and struggled to find my own voice in the market.

But from all this, I learnt how to grow my business and build a high performing team.
I want to help you shortcut your business growth.


I work with coaches and creatives to create their scalable offer, find their unique positioning in the market, and scale their business.

You know it's going to take a bit more than a few DIY programs to get to the next level… you’ve tried and it’s not working!


Stop saying yes to everything and let’s work on what will make the most impact in your business!

Let's change the next couple of months!

The hard truth is...

Your business can only grow when YOU are ready to grow with it!

And what you really need is time...
Time to do the revenue generating activities only you can do.

Time to focus on the big picture and step into the CEO role!

Ready to grow your business without being booked out and burnt out?

Ditch adding more to the to-dos?

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